Generate and re-design your site with AI in seconds.

Visual Mockup Generation

Allows users to input their existing website URL and the web generates visual mockups of how the website could look after a redesign.

Customized Recommendations

Web analyzes the existing website's performance, user engagement metrics, design elements, and content structure.

Interactive Prototype

Enables users to create interactive prototypes of their redesigned website. Users can drag and drop elements, modify layouts, and add functionalities.

Revolutionizing the way websites are redesigned, our AI-powered tool seamlessly integrates into the Editor, transforming the entire process. Say farewell to the days of tedious tasks and the need to hire a developer. With our groundbreaking AI redesign Tool, generating original, compelling text and effortlessly adding new pages and stunning images becomes a swift, intuitive experience.

Imagine crafting a whole new look for your website without grappling with complex coding or spending endless hours perfecting each detail. Our tool’s native integration within the Editor empowers you to visualize, create, and implement changes swiftly, allowing you to focus on your vision while the AI handles the heavy lifting.

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Generated Websites

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Redesigns With Our AI

Our AI Builder

How to generate your website in minutes with AI Builder

With Josefitani you’ll find the AI Website re-design generator that automatically re-creates your website with responsive layout from a single prompt that you give to chat GPT. Within seconds, the AI builder will generate all the necessary sections. You can then make edits in the visual editor, or export the code to use in your own project. You can also find the section to add a new page, the AI will automatically generate a visual template for the new page.

Artificial intelligence website creator to build faster

Chat GPT and AI are emerging technologies that are transforming the way websites are created. With the power of an AI code generator like Chat GPT, developers can create websites and website elements with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and complexity.

Artificial intelligence in web development

Go from a simple wireframe drawing to a fully functional prototype in minutes using AI.

Web Design

Creative Web Design

Web Design

Complex Deshboard

Web Design

Prototype using AI

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